As Group Publisher, I led development of interactive applications for the Morris Sporting Group, personally building the first Morris Media Network tablet apps for iOS as well as intiating techniques eventually rolled out to most of the other enthusiast titles in the division, including replica app building, content creation, and circulation entitlement processes. The Sporting Group, under my direction, also converted our websites from Joomla to more content-friendly WordPress templates, a standard later adopted by many other Morris titles.

Interactive Applications

American Angler
Tablet App

American Angler was the test bed for early adoption of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Our first versions of the app, in 2012, were optimized and designed for tablet. Though we eventually defaulted to using replica editions due to lack of creative resources, everything that we learned about tablet apps and digital publishing derived from our earliest effort to push the design envelope on Angler.

GSJ Integrated Advertising

Concurrent with a relaunch of Gray’s website, we endeavored to create additional advertising opportunities across print, tablet, and digital specifically targeted to the sporting-travel industry. The new website contained an advertiser’s travel section used to feed content to a free stand-alone app called the “Master Guide to Lodges and Outfitters,” all intended to complement the annual “Expeditions & Guides” travel issue.

“The Perfect 10”
Tablet App

After launching either replica or designed-for-tablet (DFT) applications for all sporting titles, and later integrating subscriptions with our print-fulfillment vendor, we began working on stand-alone DFT apps that would repurpose previously published material and create additional revenue opportunities from both paid digital circulation and advertiser sponsorships. Once again, American Angler was the test lab.